The Best Comfy Cozy Harness I’ve Met!

The Best Comfy Cozy Harness I’ve Met!

Thanks to have an opportunity to share my story with BELLA & PAL. In a less strict sense, I should be counted as a die-hard fan of this brand now. About two months ago. I was looking for an appropriate harness on social media platforms for my little furry kid, a two-year-old Pomeranian, Lora. Then I came across this brand by coincidence.

I have to say, in many product listings, I was attracted by the color scheme that sets their products apart from the present market at first glance. My puppy has her own aesthetic, just like a child. If I bought a dress or a harness that she doesn't like, it is normally she will bark furiously and tries to break free after putting it on. Lora is usually very obedient but refuses to compromise on this matter. My husband and I were scratching our heads about this. In fact, My husband and I rarely take her to play out or walk in other places which are far away from the house since Lora was very picky about her outdoor gear, and we were afraid of losing her.

So whenever I saw a product that looks not bad, I will buy it for a try. Simply Soft Velcro Step-in Dog Harness And Leash Set this harness absolutely exceeds our expectations. It’s amazing to see how Lora is excited about it. She looks like really like his new gears. She doesn’t rub with her paw or start to bark to motion us to take it off like she used to do with other products. The neck rides low, so no choking. And from the design of this harness, we can clearly see that it does pull the dog from the metal ring on the back of the harness instead of the neck. It is great to grantee the security for Lora. My husband also raves about its fabric. It is very comfortable and lightweight. And to the naked eyes, you can feel that this product is very well ventilated. It is a good product even on a hot summer day! In addition, I think a great part is that it connects at the back with the Velcro and a buckle, which is easy to use and won’t fumble around trying to figure out how to use it. What’s more, you can wash it in the washing machine!

We have organized a picnic in the park after receiving the product in short order, it does give me good control over Lora and there is no chance for Lora to slip off of this harness. I feel so lucky and pleasant to meet BELLA & PAL. I would love to share my story and hope that other pet parents like me can learn about this brand.


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