Small Dog Harness Materials Introduction - 3D Sandwich Mesh Fabric

Small Dog Harness Materials Introduction - 3D Sandwich Mesh Fabric

Dog harness materials are important and a contentious topic in the field of dog care. There are many differing viewpoints on the functionality and material selection for a dog harness. The following information will help you understanding dog harness material and its utility.

When it comes to the materials used in dog harnesses, there are a few fundamental principles to follow. The material should be chosen according on the dog's size and the weather conditions. This decision is also influenced by the dog's behavior.

For small dogs, the harness is better to be lightweight and durable. Currently, 3D sandwich mesh is the most popular fabric to make harness. The so-called 3D sandwich mesh fabric which having mesh-shaped small holes on surface. It represents a three-dimensional construction compounded of two or many surfaces connected together through the connecting layers. 

3D sandwich mesh fabric was first introduced to making leisure sport shoes, which is comfortable, casual, personality. The mesh is breathable, lightweight, ripstop, wear-resistant, good looking soft and shock-absorbing, usually as the upper of sports shoes. It has bright colors, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, flat surface, strong tension, less vulnerable to external shock deformation.

The 3D Sandwich mesh fabrics mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Good air permeability and moderate adjustment ability. The three-dimensional mesh structure makes it known as a breathable mesh. Compared with other flat fabrics, it is more breathable. Through air circulation, the surface maintains a comfortable and dry surface.

2. Unique elastic function. The mesh structure of the sandwich fabric has undergone high temperature setting in the production process. When receiving an external force, it can extend in the direction of the force. When the pulling force is reduced and removed, the mesh can return to its original shape. The material can maintain a certain degree of elongation in the horizontal and vertical directions without slack and deform.

3. The sandwich fabric is made from tens of thousands of polymer synthetic fiber yarns refined from petroleum. It is made of warp-knitted with a knitted weaving method. It is not only strong, able to withstand high-strength tension and tearing, but also smooth and comfortable.

4. Anti-mildew and antibacterial. The material is treated with anti-mildew and antibacterial, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

5. Easy to clean and dry. Sandwich fabric can adapt to hand washing, machine washing, dry cleaning, and easy to clean. Three-layer air-permeable structure, ventilated and easy to dry.

6. The appearance is stylish and beautiful. The sandwich fabric is bright and soft in color and difficult to fade. It also has a three-dimensional mesh pattern, which follows the fashion trend as well as maintains a certain classic style.