Why your dog need a harness?

Why your dog need a harness?

Do you need take your dog out for everyday walk? Maybe sometimes hiking in the mountains? Or even running with your dog? Or maybe just want to stop your dog from pulling on the leash. A dog harness is one of the keys to achieving all these and take the better care of your dog.

Here are the top four reasons why you should be using a harness for your dog.

1. Safety

When your dog is wearing a normal collar and is pulling on the leash during your walking time there is a whole lot of pressure being put on the neck and trachea. A harness that allows an even distribution of pressure may help prevent injuries. Using a harness may even help with your own safety! Because it discourages pulling, your dog is less likely to cause strain and stress on your arm. In addition, harnesses make it harder for your dog to tangle their leash around you.

2. Control

Because harnesses support more of the dog's body, such as the neck, chest, back, and legs, the harness gives you more control of movement. Instead of only holding your dog back from the neck, you are able to hold their dog by most of their body. This is especially helpful for big, muscular dogs who have the strength to intensely pull whoever is at the other end of the leash.

3. Training

As we discussed above, it gives you owner more control when you are out for walking. This comes in especially useful when you are training your dog, and can make training easier. It discourages dogs from pulling and can help with behaviors like jumping up.

4. Health

Harnesses prevent injury to a dog’s neck, pulling can lead to serious health issues like soft tissue damage, and it can worsen certain conditions such as glaucoma. Collars force the dog’s neck into an unnatural position when he pulls. As the neck is part of the spine, this can also put strain on the back muscles and spinal column. On the other hand, as harnesses sit lower on the dog’s chest, the neck remains in a more neutral position.

We hope the five reasons we have outlined above have helped you to understand what dog harnesses are really all about!