5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Regular teeth cleaning is a common thing for humans. Did you know that dogs need dental care too? The health of your dog's teeth is very important. One of the best ways to ensure your dog has optimal dental health is to clean his teeth regularly. The purpose of cleaning the dog's teeth is to help them remove food debris and bacteria from their mouths and reduce the risk of dental disease.

When the dog has finished eating, food debris could easily remain on the their teeth. If these food debris are not cleaned up in time, then bacteria will grow in dogs' mouths and plaque will build up on dogs' teeth. After 3 to 5 days of plaque formation, it will slowly harden into tartar, which is what we often call calculus. In this case, dogs are prone to gingivitis. Gingivitis in dogs can cause inflammation of the gums around the teeth and can lead to more serious health problems, such as kidney, liver, and heart disease. Therefore, we should give our dogs regular dental care.

Here are some simple and practical ways Bella&Pal recommends to take care of your dog's teeth:

Use A Finger Dog Toothbrushes

It's normal for dogs not to get used to brushing their teeth at first. For many puppies in particular, the process of brushing their teeth doesn't bring them comfort, but instead causes fear and anxiety. But if you use a Finger Dog Toothbrushes instead of a regular toothbrush, everything becomes easier! All you have to do is place one of these plastic brushes at the end of your index finger, add some dog toothpaste to the top, then gently open your dog's mouth with your other hand and brush your dog's teeth directly with your fingers. Dogs are less likely to be frightened because they don't have a bigger foreign object in their mouth, and they will see the plastic finger brush as an extension of your fingers. Using a finger brush also makes it easier to control the strength and angle of your brushing.

Use A Finger Dog Toothbrushes to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Dog Chew Toys

Most dogs like to chew. And chew toys are perfect for dogs who love to chew. Chew toys are not edible, but they help a lot! Chew toys provide mental entertainment for dogs, helping them clean their teeth and remove tartar and plaque. Chew toys also relieve your dog's anxiety and stress! What's more, chew toys reduce destructive chewing and protect your furniture and possessions. There are many chew toys on the market to choose from. We recommend the Bella&Pal's rope chew toys. Its unique grooves provide convenience for dogs to chew. The intertwined threads are like natural dental floss, removing food debris on the teeth, cleaning gums and polishing teeth as your dog chews. Thereby reducing the formation of harmful bacteria and plaque.

Dog Chew Toys to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Get Dental Checkups Regularly

Dental check-ups are very important for dogs. The dog's teeth change differently according to different growth stages. In daily life, we should pay attention to the dog's diet, and at the same time, we should take them to the vet regularly for dental check-ups. Your veterinarian will give advice and treatment based on your dog's dental and oral problems so that dental problems can be prevented as much as possible.

Get Dental Checkups Regularly to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Choose The Right Dog Food

There are many kinds of dog food. Scientific advice is to choose dog food based on the age of the dog, the nutrients it needs, and the dog's preferences. At the same time, there are also special dog foods on the market that can help dogs keep their teeth clean.  This larger kibble size dog food generally contains more fiber, which helps dogs “brush” their teeth during chewing.

Choose The Right Dog Food

Dog Dental Treats

Dog Dental Treats improve the health of dogs' gums and teeth and reduce bad breath. There are 3 main types of dog dental treats, raw chews (chewy natural cowhide or horse hides made into various shapes), bones and biscuits. The soft dog dental treats remove food debris, clean teeth and reduce tartar buildup, while harder dog dental treats help remove plaque and tartar and massage gums. Most dog dental treats can be found at the stores, but there are some special ones that you can only buy at a veterinarian. High-quality dog dental treats comes from reliable suppliers, and some inferior dog dental treats may contain toxins harmful to dogs. If you are not sure how to choose the right dog dental treats for your dog, it's always helpful to consult your veterinarian!

Dog Dental Treats to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

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