7 Must-Have Essentials For Running With Your Dog

7 Must-Have Essentials For Running With Your Dog

Do you like running outdoor? So does your dog! Most dogs love to run and are well adapted to being outdoors (except for a few, like bulldogs). That's why dogs can be your perfect running partner!

Before you start running with your dog, Bella&Pal has compiled a list of 7 must-have essentials for running with your dog. As responsible dog owners, it is highly recommended that you have these essentials ready and keeping these essentials close before running with your dog. Preparation makes all the difference!

A Simple Design But Durable Dog Harness

If you plan to run with your dog, your first priority is to make sure your dog is safe during the run. A suitable dog harness is very important.

What makes a suitable dog harness?

Adjustable - It must be adjustable (extended or shortened) to fit your dog's body and size and provide flexibility.

Light-weight - No one likes to run with a heavy load, and neither do dogs. The dog harnesses made from lightweight but durable fabrics ( such as polyester) keep your dog safe and reduce the burden during the run, making it easier for your dog to run!

Breathable - Just like humans, dogs' body temperatures rise when they run. To keep your dog fresh and cool during a run, it is recommended to choose a breathable and simple design dog harness to reduce the area it covers your dog's skin.

Reflective - The reflective design dog harness makes you and your dog stand out in a low-light conditions, keeping you and your dog safe during night run.

No choke design - Dogs are completely mouth-breathing animals. Dogs pant violently after running and cool themselves by sticking out their tongues. You don't want your dog to be constricted by a heavy and intricately designed dog harness.

Simply Wear Dog Harness For Running

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Hands-Free Dog Running Leash

Off-leash is of course the best when it comes to comfort and fun, afterall who can resist a dog running free and happy? But it comes at the expense of your dog's safety, and what could be more important than keeping your dog safe outside?

While a regular dog leash could work, it's not the best choice for safe running. You might want to take a look at the leash specifically designed for safe running.

This combination of belt and leash maximizes the release of your both hands while keeping you and your dog safe while running. You may be concerned about whether the leash will provide enough flexibility during your run. Worry not! The strong and durable bungee is designed to absorb shock when your dog suddenly speeds up or slows down, keeping your pace and rhythm from being interrupted by the dog's speed changes. Its safety is also reflected in its reflective strip design, which ensures safety and visibility during night running.

Bonus: When your dog spots a rabbit while running, you'll thank the second handle on the end of the leash.

Adjustable Hands-Free Dog Leash For Running

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Insect Repellents

Running outdoors is more fun, but it's inevitable that you'll encounter annoying bugs like fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks. Use a repellent made from natural ingredients for your dog before you go out, and of course you can also use it on your dog harness to keep the bugs from bothering your dog. Don't let the bugs ruin the fun of your run.

Insect repellents can protect your dog outdoors


Poop Bags

Many people think of dog waste as a natural fertiliser, which will be good for plants. Actually, that's not the case. The dog's carnivorous diet means its waste is highly acidic and does not make as good a fertiliser as cow dung. Dog waste left on the soil will not be decomposed naturally and may cause may cause the grass to stop growing. What's more, dog waste may carry bacteria or parasites, which can easily cross infect other dogs or even humans in the neighborhood or on the road outside! Therefore, responsible dog owners should always carry dog poop bags on their running trails. Dog poop bags made from biodegradable materials are highly recommended.

Food, Treats And Water

Just like humans get hungry after exercise, dog food or dog treats are essential if you're spending time outdoors with your dog. Dog food or dog treats not only give your dog a quick energy boost after a run, they can also be used as a reward for your dog's outdoor behavior.

It's also important to stay hydrated, dogs can lose a lot of fluid after hot weather or strenuous exercise. Make sure you carry a bottle of clean water on your road. If your dog doesn't drink from a bottle, carry a portable and collapsible dog bowl to keep your dog well hydrated at all times.

Treats provide energy for your dog after a run


First Aid Kit

Danger can happen at any time, whether it's on your daily walk or running trail. You can't foresee the unexpected, but you can always be prepared. Get a special first aid kit for your dog, and know what's in it. Ask your veterinarian in advance how to use the kit so you're not surprised when you need to use it.

First aid kit for running with your dog

Paw Protection

While most dogs don't like to wear boots, there's no denying that a pair of comfortable, breathable boots can protect your dog's PAWS from extreme weather and road conditions. Dry sand can make your dog's paw pads dry and crack, and fine sand can wear away the skin. Dog PAWS are very sensitive to road surfaces in extreme temperatures. So if you and your dog are going for a run and spending time outdoors during the meeting, a pair of adjustable, non-slip, breathable dog boots is important. Don't forget to take off your dog's boots every 1-2 hours to let the paws breathe and check for fine sand in the boots. Of course, applying paw wax to your dog's paws is another desirable way to protect the paws.

Paw protection before running with your dog


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