Best 5 Dog Gifts To Celebrate National Dog Week
Woof! National Dog Week is kicking off! Dogs have been regarded as the best friend of human beings, and this relationship remains intimate over time. In appreciation of their companionship, the fourth week of September each year will be celebrated as National Dog Week. BELLA & PAL has prepared some pawfect dog gifts to treat your furry pal this week!
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5 Activities For The Dog Dad This Father's Day
Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday of June every year. The day in 2022 is June 19, and this day also is National Dog Dad Day, which is to celebrate all the dog dads, guys that do not have human children but have dogs and treat them like their own biological kids. On such a big day, we've listed some activities can do with your pooch to spend an impressive and wonderful Father's Day.
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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean
Regular teeth cleaning is a common thing for humans. Did you know that dogs need dental care too? The health of your dog's teeth is very important. One of the best ways to ensure your dog has optimal dental health is to clean his teeth regularly. The purpose of cleaning the dog's teeth is to help them remove food debris and bacteria from their mouths and reduce the risk of dental disease.
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5 Fun And Meaningful Ways To Celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day
Can dog moms celebrate Mother's Day? Of course you can! In fact, right after Mother's Day, there is a day dedicated to thanking dog moms for their efforts: National Dog Mother's Day! The second Sunday in May is National Dog Mom Day, a day when all furry babies express their gratitude to their moms by making woof woof sounds.
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Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pet Week With Your Dog
The first week of May is National Pet Week. It's the perfect time to pause our busy lives and say thanks for our beloved pets. Whether your pet is a dog, a cat, a bird, a guinea pig, or any other animal, they are always there for us. So why not show your pets how much you love them during National Pet Week?
If you have a dog, Bella&Pal has rounded up some fun ways to celebrate National Pet Week with your dog for you.
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